We are a family like any other. We laugh. We cry. We have fun and we struggle; but through it all we delight in the Lord, who is good and who is faithful.

Neither of us have a father, but together we have found and are growing in relationship with the best Father, ever.




When I returned Stateside from art school in 2001, I tried every year for the next decade to return to Florence, and every year,  I failed.  In June of 2011, I gave up ever seeing Italy again.  In letting go of Italy, I let go of what had been my identity.  I let go of a piece of me that felt like a better person because I had lived there.  Unbeknownst to me, at that very moment, room was made in my heart for something greater I wasn't even looking for: Jesus. 

The very next day, God saved me.

A few weeks later on a sleepless night, I opened my first Bible.  Out of over 700,000 possible words to read, not knowing anything about the Bible, I opened to Romans, and read of Paul's longing to go to Rome.

Stunned, I could not believe what I read.   

I knew that longing, right down to his 'mentioning them always' and being 'prevented' from coming.  Within a few weeks, the Lord showed me we would go to Italy, not as I had planned for ten years, but as part of his plan, for his glory and my absolute joy.

In 2013, after a European church planting conference in Wales,  I was given the opportunity to go to Italy. I arrived at midnight to my hotel in Bologna, walked into my room, dropped my bags, sank to my knees, and wept, overwhelmed with praise and joy, so much the bedspread was actually soaking wet. I got to spend one day in Florence, and would you believe people who hadn't seen me in twelve years in various spots around town called me by name?

Because God doesn't just call individuals, but also families, Amelie and  I went on a vision trip in 2015 and again in 2016. By God's grace she too has fallen in love with Italy and especially, it's people.  This is why we have come to YWAM.

God is good and faithful in every way. 



I am visionary, passionate and whole hearted in all of my pursuits, creative by nature, a follower of Jesus, and a lover of people.  These are my stories.

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I am an artist. I draw cartoons and comics. I love to explore, to see people and their different cultures. I'm excited to see what God has for me to share the gospel through me, friendships, and my art.  
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Michelangelo, the elect of the fine artists, understood so well the importance of his tools, that he always made his own brushes with his own hands, and in this he gives us an illustration of the God of grace, who with special care fashions for himself all true ministers.
— Charles Spurgeon