Art comes from the deepest part of any human. When an artist works, they know it is something they must let out.
— Zach Perkins, Relevant Magazine

Part of our vision is to gather visual artists together. The beauty of being in Florence is that it truly is an international city.  There is a large student population, with hundreds of art schools in the city in addition to working artists.  I hope we will create together, laugh together, eat together, put on art shows together, visit galleries together, and learn together. 

In time, I hope to see studies, residencies, workshops, outreaches, and even tours.  

I desire to play a part in exposing the need for workers in Italy, and especially for those who are gifted with the means to express what the Italian culture values most: beauty.   I continue to pray the Lord would set alight the hearts of Believers for the Italian people, helping us to tend this field that has incredibly rich soil that has become rock hard.   

We also hope for a core team of creatives to join us in Florence, to help us love our city well with and through the fine arts, as well as someone gifted in administration to help keep us creatives in line and organized.



art and the BELIEVER

We hope to provide space to help artists grow in the visual arts, specifically their understanding of artistic expression as a means of knowing God and his character, equipping them to be salt and light, wherever they are.


Artists and the Church, the body of Christ

The pendulum swung during the Protestant Reformation, which stripped art - that is in its very essence - an expression of what God has already known and experienced, away from our lives and our churches.  Today the church is still often unsure what to do with the visual arts.  Jason Harms helps us understand the need artists and the body have of each other:

We must not fail to recognize the scope and effects that the arts have on the greater body, nor fail to recognize that the body itself consists of artists.  We much teach the body to see what God is revealing of Himself in an artist's skill and work, where He is indeed in it.  We need to exhort the artists to run after God's praises rather than man's praises.  We need to help all discern what is true, and not deceitful, in what is found to be pleasing.  And we all must heed the Lord's words to Jeremiah to be faithful with what He is charging and commanding us, and not suckered by what the market is demanding of us. (Jeremiah 1:16-17).
Artistic expression is very pleasurable and very powerful by God's design.  We must be careful how we engage with art if we are going to know the full pleasures to be had through art.  So let's exhort the mouths (the artists) to fear the Lord.  And on our part, we should better join with the mouths of the body who express the truth as Gaius joined with the brothers who went out for the truth.  "For they went our for the sake of the name [of Jesus], accepting nothing from the Gentiles.  Therefore we ought to support such men, that we may be fellow workers with the truth" (III John, 7,8).