Dream of outreach

 Hello people on the internet. I am Amelie. Since I have been here in Kona, I have met people, made friendships, memories, and discovering GOD more. Also, I have been going to Foundation School.   I think it's been a good experience for me. I have rediscovered the things I thought I knew, and have been seeing, hearing, feeling, thinking more of what GOD's character is like, and how he works, from being the Creator to dying on the cross and coming alive again for me. Now after Foundations I will be going on outreach. Outreach is where you go to places around the world to share the gospel of Christ,  learning their culture, to love and serve them like Jesus.

With only two weeks left before we leave for outreach, I had a dream...

It was night and I was on a highway in a forested area. There was no-one on this highway and the moon was full and there were no clouds.  The only sound was the small sound of crickets. On this highway was bridge, that led to a steep grass hill with a black road. My friend, Isabelle, told me, " Let's go!" We both ran, and when we got to the top, we saw a warehouse and pavement below dotted with large cargo crates.   When I was behind one the crates, I looked behind me and found a ginger, about sixteen years old, who swooped me off my feet and carried me to another place. He asked me where I was from, and I replied, "Dallas Texas." This boy was German, and he seemed to love to smile. In one blink, I arrived in a tree lined field, with golden grass. A fence of trees surrounded this place and made perfect shade. It was evening, and everything looked golden. The boy put me down, and I turned to my friend Isabelle and said,  "You planed this!" She looked at me and intensely replied, "No, I didn't." Then I looked over and saw theses children aged five to sixteen running up to me excitedly asking, "WHERE ARE YOU FROM?!" and "WHO ARE YOU, WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!" And while the kids were talking and wondering, I looked over to see my friend, Ethen, looking at me. He was in distance in the shade and looked lifeless. I was playing a game sort like dodgeball with the kids, but you had touch a tree. It was my turn to touch the tree, and when I was going to touch the tree, I saw Ethen in the tree looking at me, standing in the shade, without any recognition in his eyes.  I looked at him again, then he climbed up the tree. Then, I woke up.  

When I thought about this dream, I realized it was about outreach. The highway represents the world. From a spiritual perspective, the world is a dark place where sin thrives. The actual highway, to me, represents people of the world, but no-one was on it, where you would expect to see people going about their lives. When we got to the place with the children, it was lit up with a warm, golden light that was peaceful, and kind of represents GOD. The reason is because GOD is light. He is peace, and comfort and the provider of portection. Then the children represent the people on outreach and while I was with them, I noticed my friend Ethen standing in the distance. he was in the shade which kind of represents sin. And I noticed two things: first, no mater how much I show the love of Jesus or share the gospel, I can not change them to believe in Christ. Second, I will be far away from friends, but I know that GOD is good and is sovereign.