I know its been a long time since I've written, and outreach is long over.  We left Hawaii, went to Israel, Berlin, and finished in Florence.  This year we learned so much more about the Italian lifestyle, and for me personally, I feel even more burdened for them now than I ever did before.  There is purpose for us to be there and love them.

We are not leaving in February. I've started a new school.  It has been hard for me, but I have enjoyed my English class, where we recently learned about poetry.

I wrote this poem about Florence.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 8.45.21 PM.png



A dark place that hides it's sorrow.
Kindness is everywhere,'s soul is dying.
O, how I mourn.
Old romantic paintings fill the center, telling stories of the One Up High, but they ignore the Love that patiently waits for them.
The sounds of this city make me gleam.
True conversations take place, and the night comes alive.
As I walk I hear the clanging of car doors, zooming motorini, and my feet making a beat to my Beloved’ s song.
Street music fills the tourist's hearts with romance and glee, but they don’t have joy to call for their own.
O, how I mourn.
Firenze is home to the most satisfying food, breath-taking scenery, and wonderful art, but...look beyond the comforts!
Tell of the news that awaits them, even if they deny the Love.
Go and seek them to reflect our Father, lovers of the soul!  
Look and see their hearts screaming for help, but yet we all want, is to stay in our comforts.
O, how my heart mourns.